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Crosslake lead practitioner Elisabeth Embry recently appeared on The Bladen Group’s Women Thriving in Business podcast to discuss what helps a business be successful in a constantly changing technology workplace. Elisabeth examines what strategies and options can be employed to help leaders achieve company goals. In addition, she highlights the importance of: She also shares […]

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Crosslake CEO Barr Blanton shares insights into preparing for technical due diligence as both a buyer and a seller.

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Donell Peters, Crosslake lead practitioner, recently spoke on Toni Collis’ Leading Women in Tech podcast on the role that Agile methods can play in improving a team’s performance. In this discussion, she shares the challenges of an Agile rollout and how to overcome them, her experiences as a fractional CTO and how to get started […]

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Crosslake lead practitioner Elisabeth Embry recently spoke with 2B Bolder, a site focused on career insights for the next generation of women in tech and business, on what it means to be a woman in technology industry and what it means to be bolder. She discusses what skills young women in tech should develop to […]

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