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Improving team performance with Agile

Donell Peters, Crosslake lead practitioner, recently spoke on Toni Collis’ Leading Women in Tech podcast on the role that Agile methods can play in improving a team’s performance. In this discussion, she shares the challenges of an Agile rollout and how to overcome them, her experiences as a fractional CTO and how to get started in this role, and her tips and tricks on how to improve leadership skills. The podcast highlights:

  • Donell’s career, including how she started with Hewlett Packard in high school
  • How Agile improves overall team performance
  • The role of a transitioning CTO and how to become one
  • Donell’s advice for a simple and effective way to shift your mindset 
  • The biggest challenges to an Agile rollout – and how to overcome them


About Donell: Donell Peters has over 30 years of experience working with software development teams. She managed large global teams, as well as small start-ups, at companies including Autodesk, Adobe, Ripple and First Republic Bank. During her time at these organizations, Donell gained hands-on experience with the systems, methods and processes that enabled teams to achieve top performance working at these organizations.

About the podcast: Hosted by Toni Collis, Leading Women in Tech helps women in tech accelerate their influence and step into their dream careers.