Interim Leadership

Seasoned technology leaders, ready to hit the ground running.

Common scenarios our clients face

We're looking for experienced leadership, tools and insights to accelerate growth

We’ve got to keep the trains running to ensure critical releases and deliverables stay on track

We require additional leadership to manage through transition or expansion

We need to get results while driving value creation initiatives

We could use help finding the right long-term leader to guide our journey

We want to align and mentor our current team

How we help: experienced, executive-level, interim and fractional technology leaders

Interim Leadership CIO

Chief Information Officer

Interim Leadership CISO

Chief Information Security Officer

Interim Leadership CTO

Chief Technology Officer

Interim Leadership CPO

Chief Product

Interim Leadership Engineering

VP /
Head of

Interim leadership, lasting impact

When there’s a vacancy in your technology organization, you need to do more than just bridge the gap. With a Crosslake interim or fractional CIO, CISO, CTO, CPO or engineering leader we’ll continue to advance critical technology initiatives and develop your team while you search for a permanent lead. 

Our hands-on, executive-level practitioners bring industry-specific expertise to guide your organization through its most complex challenges. Utilizing a collaborative leadership approach, your strategic advisor can parachute in and quickly add value, improve technology practices and be a trusted coach and mentor. They will work side-by-side with your team to elevate internal capabilities. And most importantly, they’ll leave your organization better off, with a lasting thumbprint of best practices to guide your organization forward. 

You're not simply hiring an individual — you're engaging a process proven successful across hundreds of companies


How do you improve productivity and performance after multiple acquisitions?

Make measurable progress while you search for a permanent lead.