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Tools to accelerate insights into software quality, software security and company security.

Find the weak points in your systems, software and apps

With in-house penetration testers and seasoned security professionals, our team thinks like hackers to seek out risks and vulnerabilities across your business. We employ industry-leading code scanning, pen testing and assessment tools to search for code quality issues, scan for open-source software risks and discover where your company’s data or IP is compromised on the dark web. 

In just a few days, you receive the objective data you need to satisfy annual security certification and cyberinsurance requirements or to populate a data room. In addition, a Crosslake security practitioner analyzes the findings and interprets the results, providing valuable insights that consider the context of the industry, growth stage and investment strategy.

Code scans, data-based risk assessments and pen testing

Open-source assessment

Open-source assessment

Code quality assessment

Code quality assessment

Attack surface pen test

Attack surface
pen test 

Data theft risk assessment

Data theft risk assessment

Web app API pen test

Web app / API 
pen test

Static App Security Test

Static app
security test

We help mitigate risk in every deal scenario

Sanity check for red flags early in a process

Pre-LOI technical review to quickly assess risk and opportunity within a highly  competitive process

A light approach when the target’s team is small or time with the team is extremely limited

In-depth assessment across multiple areas of the tech landscape for critical platform plays

Focused diligence on IT, security or product to complement the capabilities of an in-house diligence team

A customized deep dive into specific areas of the target’s business to better understand capabilities in AI/ML, IoT, security, data architecture and other topics from 20 available tracks

A more complete view of exploitable weaknesses

Whether your primary focus is software quality, company security or software security, our security practitioners can recommend appropriate scans, assessments and pen tests to provide you the most comprehensive view of risk exposure. By running multiple tools in parallel, you’ll avoid the hassle and expense of managing each assessment independently and will receive expert interpretation of the results. We’ve found this multidimensional approach delivers the most valuable insights around common concerns of mid-market businesses.


How do you close the door on open-source code vulnerabilities?

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