Tech Due Diligence

Experienced diligence advisory services + tools guided by your investment thesis to sharpen decision-making for any tech investment. 

Mitigate risk in any deal scenario

It's early in the process, and we need a sanity check for any red flags

This is a highly competitive process, and we need a pre-LOI technical review to quickly assess risk and opportunity

We're working with a small team at the target, and our team with them is extremely limited

This is a critical platform plan, and we need and in-depth assessment across multiple areas of the tech landscape

We have our own in-house diligence team, but we need additional expertise on IT, security or product to complement our capabilities for some targets

We'd like to customize a deep dive into areas of the target's business to better understand their specific capabilities in AI/ML, IoT, security, data architecture and other topics

Tech due diligence aligned to the deal dynamics

Crosslake tailors the process to deliver the reporting you need, whether it’s a two-page risk analysis or a comprehensive assessment of the target’s technology.


Access to management


Pre- and post-exclusivity




Technical impact on investment





We do diligence differently

Crosslake delivers tech due diligence at deal speed. Our seasoned practitioners leverage a consistent framework and proprietary TechIndicators® to quickly put findings into context for the investment strategy and audience. Each diligence is highly tailored to reflect the company type, industry, level of access and speed of the deal. Diligence types include: 

Software and tech-enabled diligence: Comprehensive tech due diligence. Typical core focus areas include infrastructure, SDLC, information security, organization, business continuity, software architecture, customer support, product management and enterprise systems. Exact mix and depth of topics varies based on industry, target and investment strategy.  

IT diligence: Tech due diligence of critical business systems and infrastructure. Focused on infrastructure, information security, organization and enterprise systems. 

Product diligence: Strategic product insights to inform growth-stage investments. Focused on maturity of product-market fit, competitiveness, roadmap and organizational maturity. 

Security diligence: Fast security insights to support in-house tech diligence. Focused on InfoSec, business continuity and pen testing. 

TechIndicators® redefine the diligence report

Objective measures + meaningful insights

Our best-in-class reports leverage proprietary TechIndicators®, based on data from more than 4,000 prior technology M&A transactions, to benchmark the target against similarly-sized companies within the same industry. 

Each report is customized to include tracks specific to the target and your investment strategy. Multiple formats synthesize information into relevant views for the deal partner, operating partner and investment committee. 

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Tech Due Diligence insights

Get an objective view of your target's tech maturity.