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Common architecture scenarios our clients face

In the first 100 days post-close, we need to understand how the target’s platform architecture can optimally accelerate growth

We need a plan to capitalize on synergies during integration

We urgently need to reduce technical debt

We need to move to a multi-tenant, cloud-based, microservices architecture

Achieving our value creation goals depends upon innovating and evolving our products and services

We lack the right talent to lead the architecture and engineering teams

We need a compelling roadmap to share with potential investors

Our architecture capabilities

  • Product and platform baseline. Benchmark the starting point for value creation – during diligence or post-close. 
  • System design. Design detailed, “fit-for-purpose,” interim and future-state architecture. 
  • Strategy and execution roadmapping. Develop product strategy and coherent, multi-discipline, capability roadmaps. 
  • Product and engineering operations design. Optimize and refine the organizations responsible for delivering technology products and services. 
  • Capability development and training. Develop product leaders and team capabilities through coaching, collaboration and project support. 
Architecture practice directors
Kim Walters, Senior Managing Director, Crosslake

Kim Walters

Senior Managing Director

Francis Gan, Managing Director, Crosslake

Francis Gan

Managing Director

Common carve-out scenarios our clients face

We need to understand how the IT operations of the companies fit together

We need to determine the best disposition of applications, infrastructure and people for the combined entity​

We need to know which critical personnel will and will not convey with the transaction​

We need to quickly establish standalone IT operations for a carved-out business ​

We must address licensing ​concerns (such as “right to use”) ​associated with key systems​

Our carve-out capabilities

  • Carve-out diligence. Assess current-state technology for the carve-out business and determine potential risks to address in the interim TSA and post-separation.​

  • TSA evaluation and formulation. Assess or create the TSA for all IT terms and implications, including duration, costs, Day 1 requirements, divisibility and transparency, and robustness of services offered.​

  • Separation planning. Identify the future-state IT applications, infrastructure, security requirements and organizational architecture to support the carved-out business, including estimates of one-time and recurring costs and timelines required for integrated IT operations.

  • Separation execution. Manage the activities necessary to establish standalone IT operations for the carved-out business.​

Carve-out practice directors
Sean Lyons, Managing Director, Crosslake

Sean Lyons

Managing Director

Todd Bolon, Managing Director, Crosslake

Todd Bolon

Managing Director

Common engineering operations scenarios our clients face

We need to understand how the engineering organization’s leaders, ​teams and processes can support plans for growth​

Considering our investment thesis and goals, we need a plan to create value through engineering / product team synergies​

We need to remodel our engineering organization and processes to support a multi-tenant, cloud-based, microservice architecture​

We’re looking for interim or fractional leaders to coach, develop and supplement our engineering and product teams

As we approach exit, we need to position our talent strategy and SDLC as a value driver​

Our engineering capabilities

  • Organization and process baseline. Benchmark the starting point for value creation post-close. ​

  • Product development / software development lifecycle optimization. Design detailed, fit-for-purpose, interim, fractional and future-state engineering capability. ​

  • Engineering operations roadmapping. Optimize PDLC / SDLC processes and the engineering operating model to deliver value and drive operational maturity. ​

  • Product and engineering organizational design. Ensure alignment of roles, responsibilities, organizational structure and processes. ​

  • Capability development and training. Develop product leaders and team capabilities through coaching, collaboration and project support. ​

  • Change management. Manage the transformation process to improve the employee experience and ensure engagement.

Engineering operations practice directors
Kim Walters, Senior Managing Director, Crosslake

Kim Walters

Senior Managing Director

Francis Gan, Managing Director, Crosslake

Francis Gan

Managing Director

Common enterprise systems scenarios our clients face

We need M&A systems planning ​or execution support for an integration or carve-out​

Our PortCo needs a strategic roadmap to build a platform designed for scalable growth​

We need expertise to help optimize or replace a current business system​

We need an experienced, interim systems leader to help plan and execute business systems initiatives​

We need assistance establishing ​a systems governance model​

We need expert program management support within business systems​

Our enterprise system capabilities

  • Lead-to-cash automation. Design an automated approach that integrates and streamlines the entire sales cycle – from lead generation to order fulfillment and revenue recognition.​

  • Systems roadmap. Validate alignment of growth strategy and business systems operations with a comprehensive assessment and prioritized, executable roadmap.​

  • System selection. Build alignment between function and system – then define critical requirements to support procurement and accelerate implementation.​

  • M&A, integration, carve-out systems planning. Create a plan for system integration or carve-out that prioritizes clean data and streamlined processes.​

  • Systems leadership and program management. Reinforce the execution of your systems initiatives with a veteran program manager or business systems leader aligned with your strategic objectives – on a project, interim or fractional basis.

  • IT infrastructure support. Strengthen the position of the foundational systems underpinning your organization’s network, data centers and access management.​

Enterprise systems practice directors
Bryan Myers, Managing Director, Crosslake

Bryan Myers

Managing Director

Common integration scenarios our clients face

We’ve acquired a new product, ​and we need to determine how ​to efficiently integrate it with our existing solutions ​

We’ve acquired a new company ​using different technologies and methodologies, and we need to streamline our engineering operations​

We need a realistic budget and timeline for integrating products ​and platforms in order to justify ​the required investments ​

Quality, security, speed and productivity vary widely ​across legacy and acquired engineering and product teams​

Our integration capabilities

  • Product and platform baseline. Benchmark the integration starting points ​for product, technology, organization and process. ​

  • Integration roadmap. Create executable roadmaps for product strategy ​and multi-discipline team capabilities. ​

  • Integrated product and platform architecture. Design a detailed, fit-for-purpose architecture blueprint for both interim and integrated future state. ​

  • Integrated product and engineering operations. Remodel engineering and product management roles and processes to deliver technology products and services faster and more efficiently. ​

    Integrated approach to security. Ensure security best practices are incorporated into code and processes. ​

Integration practice directors
Francis Gan, Managing Director, Crosslake

Francis Gan

Managing Director

Kim Walters, Senior Managing Director, Crosslake

Kim Walters

Senior Managing Director

Common product management scenarios our clients face

During diligence, we want to understand how the target’s product capabilities, positioning, and product management practices support the investment thesis – and identify any gaps that must be addressed. ​

Our PortCo’s management team needs help aligning product plans to investment priorities.

We’re looking for an objective, outside-​in perspective to help us define a future state product portfolio vision. ​

We need to rationalize organic ​and acquired products and their associated teams and practices.​

As we prep for exit, we need a compelling story to position the product portfolio, product strategy ​and roadmap with potential investors. ​

Our product management capabilities

  • Product-market fit and potential. Assess software product capabilities relative to the competition and market, identifying gaps and opportunities to differentiate.

  • Product strategy and roadmap. Develop and align product plans and roadmaps to support investment theses and business growth objectives and manage ongoing performance.

  • Product management operations. Assess and optimize operating models relating to the product management organization, processes, metrics and systems – either in diligence or during a post-transaction transformation.

  • Training and interim leadership. Enhance and augment product management capabilities with coaching, co-creation workshops and interim roles to improve commercial success and speed to market. 

Product management practice directors
David Murray, Managing Director, Crosslake

David Murray

Managing Director

Common security scenarios our clients face


We’d like to better understand security risks and exposure during diligence – and the costs to remediate

This investment has clear and critical gaps that must be addressed immediately post-close, and we need implementation help

We need to prevent security incidents across the portfolio

We need a trusted,  experienced security leader to help develop, lead and manage PortCo security programs


Our ability to sell is impacted by the lack of a security program or certification, and our clients are requiring annual third-party penetration testing

We need a security strategy, roadmap and investment plan for budgeting purposes 

We lack internal security expertise and need help developing, leading and managing our program

We’re approaching exit and need to shore up our security story

Our security capabilities

  • Security program management. Define a security program baseline, assess PortCos, and plan improvements to enhance security maturity across the portfolio.
  • Security leadership. Benefit from experienced cybersecurity leadership on a project, interim or fractional basis.
  • Security implementation sprint. Quickly close critical security gaps – typically within 100 days of acquisition or in preparation for an audit, certification or exit. Implement technical, physical or administrative controls and achieve success against key milestones.
  • Maturity assessment + strategic roadmap. Understand the current state of security and the additional investments required to meet business, client and board expectations – for a single business or across the portfolio. 
  • Security insights during diligence. Uncover and assess risks and weaknesses pre-close to ensure critical projects are planned and budgeted.
  • Audit readiness and support. Assess and quickly enhance your security program to achieve common security certifications, such as ISO27001, PCI, NIST and SOC2.
  • Penetration testing. Work directly with our testers to understand and remediate critical vulnerabilities in company, app and infrastructure security.
Security practice directors
Danny Tijerina, Managing Director, Crosslake

Danny Tijerina

Managing Director

Rohan Kotian, Managing Director, Crosslake

Rohan Kotian

Managing Director

Tech due diligence and value creation expertise for investors and their PortCos

Private equity deal partners

Private equity and venture capital teams rely on our team’s proven deal fluency and data-backed insights to help them identify growth opportunities, reduce costs and minimize risk. The expertise of our seasoned tech practitioners is underscored by data from more than 4,000 prior technology M&A transactions to provide objective insights into expected maturity for any target. 

Private equity operating partners

Operating partners look to Crosslake’s practices to drive value creation and lead exit prep initiatives for their mid-market portfolio companies. Crosslake’s seasoned practitioners offer executive-level leadership for mission-critical technology initiatives, supported by proven frameworks and objective data to drive predictable outcomes. 

Portfolio company management teams

Management teams at mid-market, private equity-backed companies turn to Crosslake to fill interim leadership gaps, drive critical technology initiatives and develop teams and processes to drive value creation. Our community of practitioners brings unmatched hands-on, executive-level technology expertise across a range of industries. 


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