Your dashboard to performance insights across the portfolio.

Quickly understand how your portfolio companies measure up

Crosslake’s PortfolioView enables you to measure and track the operational maturity of your PortCos on a range of technology topics from our TechIndicators®  database, including cybersecurity, compliance, ESG, organizational efficiency, customer service, cloud, infrastructure and more. Easily manage the entire process yourself — or we’ll manage it for you.  

Establish consistent standards to mitigate technology risk and meet requirements of customers, auditors and strategic partners

Select KPIs

Select and curate KPIs from the TechIndicators® library to align with your portfolio-wide goals

Establish baseline

Use the app to create and send a survey to each PortCo to establish individual baselines 

Action plan

Develop remediation action plans to track and report progress for each PortCo 

Portfolio View Monitor Progress

Monitor progress and periodically reassess against the baseline

Easily measure and monitor what matters most

Select meaningful KPIs from our proprietary database of TechIndicators® known to correlate with operational maturity and industry norms for cybersecurity, compliance, ESG initiatives, enterprise systems, organizational efficiency, customer service, cloud spend and more. Curate the indicators that best address your needs.

Next, establish a baseline for each portfolio company via a simple survey easily administered through our proprietary app. 

Our customizable scoring algorithm will help you quickly assess how each PortCo stacks up, identify portfolio-wide challenges to address and highlight concerns specific to individual portfolio companies. 

Portfolio View Indicators

Select performance indicators that matter to you

A screenshot of the Crosslake Assessment Questionnaire

Gather information via survey to establish a baseline for each PortCo

Portfolio View Results

View results across the portfolio to monitor survey completion and identify hot spots

Don't just identify opportunities for improvement. Address them with action plans.

Create action plans within the tool to capture complexity, duration and cost estimates for specific remediation actions needed to address areas of concern. 

At the portfolio level, you can easily monitor portfolio-wide progress at a glance — or dig into details for each company to track individual action plans to completion.

Portfolio View Action Plan

Portfolio company action plan view

PE Portfolio View

Portfolio-wide progress tracking 


How do you address security challenges across the portfolio?

Tech Due Diligence insights

Raise the bar across the portfolio.