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AI and machine learning: sorting out the hype

VentureBeat article by Crosslake helps investors understand what to look for in a target company’s AI/ML

Crosslake practitioners, Brian Conte and Jason Nichols, and Crosslake CEO, Barr Blanton, share insights to help investors assess a target company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology (AI/ML).

Based on experience and data from more than 4,000 technology M&A transactions, Crosslake has identified six components critical to realizing value from AI. These include:

The data science team, backed by a chief data scientist.

The quality and quantity of training data for machine learning.

Advanced techniques to improve quality and reduce costs.

Operational excellence, with a plan for ongoing care and feeding of the model and training data.

The quantity and sophistication of proprietary models that can be considered IP assets.

The infrastructure to support the ongoing creation, training, testing and deployment of new models.

Understanding how these elements work together helps investors identify the highest-value artificial intelligence and machine learning from a sea of similar AI/ML tech.

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