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Help! My QA team can’t keep up with development! We hear a lot of variations on this cry for help: Any of this sound familiar? There are many ways to improve your QA productivity. Let’s look at some of the best practices and anti-patterns. It’s beyond the scope of this post to show every bad […]

In looking around the web, I don’t see much on how to get SonarQube working in AWS. This blog will cover how to setup SonarQube in AWS for simple code analytics. Background SonarQube is an excellent open source code analysis server that you host yourself. Code analysis and central reporting — measuring complexity, dependencies, coverage, […]

Lately, I have seen some confusion at the level of testing that should be done when a daily build is generated. How do we know that the daily build is ready for general consumption? What’s the difference between BVT and smoke testing? Although general definitions vary throughout the industry, below, I will provide our definitions […]

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