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This post is part of a series on functional testing using the test pyramid. Purposes of unit testing With good unit tests, the code is much easier to modify. Unit tests help the most on the second and subsequent times you change the code, as it’s easy to know if you have broken basic functionality […]

This post is part of a series on functional testing using the test pyramid. I’ve been engaged by five different companies to help them create a quality strategy. For each company I’ve worked with, I used variations on the same strategy. To create this strategy, I took ideas from all over, but the core came […]

In this article series, I’ll show you a test strategy I’ve used with several different companies to achieve high quality and productivity. Test automation saves money, improves time to market and raises quality, but it’s also expensive. This test pyramid gives a guideline on how to allocate your efforts. I’ll give you the basic definitions, […]

Oracles solve “This thing needs more tests than I can list!” We use data-driven testing to reduce the number of tests into a few rows. What happens when the number of test rows get to be too many? Example: Let’s say we have a date control that is composed of three integer inputs: one for […]

Equivalence classes Equivalence classes are a set of input values that produce the same result. It’s important to know the equivalence classes for your system under test, because you can use equivalence classes to limit your test cases. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you have a user interface that looks like this: Remember, […]

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