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Data driven testing solves the problem: “I want to try a bunch of different test values, but I don’t want to write a different test for each one.” In data driven testing, you reuse the same test code with different values. Data-driven testing is so common and valuable that I’ve seen teams set up their […]

“Regression testing is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” This is a series of articles on test automation techniques you can use for regression testing. The goals of the series are to: These techniques are not tied to any tool. However, I’ll use some examples in NUnit because it’s […]

Have you ever thought, “Creating and maintaining all this UI automation is taking a huge amount of my team’s time? I’ll bet we could do less of this and get higher quality!” If so, you wouldn’t be alone. I talked to six product teams that not only thought that, they did it. Here are the […]

This article gives insight and analysis regarding container usage for dev pipeline of a software product built using microservices architecture. Innovative businesses are using a microservices approach because it enables the introduction of new applications that are independently deployable without disrupting the rest of the company. Context The microservice architecture provides excellent benefits for the […]

This software requires too many tests! Do you have a problem like this? There’s help and it’s called pairwise testing. There’s been a lot written about the subject. What I’m going to cover are the use cases: Example 1 – Testing a web app To understand what problem pairwise testing solves, let’s start with an […]

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