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With headlines highlighting tech debt disasters from some of the world’s most trusted brands, we wondered: what are the lessons for middle market companies? We reached out to Crosslake’s practitioner community to get advice for investors and their portfolio companies. Here’s what they had to say about dealing with technology growing pains – before they […]

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The fact that Susan Wojcicki leaving YouTube was a newsworthy event is bittersweet. After several years, it’s common for a CEO to move on, but women in top executive positions in technology companies are rare enough that any departure becomes significant. It was a notable loss of representation for all women in tech. It was […]

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Crosslake lead practitioner Elisabeth Embry recently appeared on The Bladen Group’s Women Thriving in Business podcast to discuss what helps a business be successful in a constantly changing technology workplace. Elisabeth examines what strategies and options can be employed to help leaders achieve company goals. In addition, she highlights the importance of: She also shares […]

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Crosslake CEO Barr Blanton shares insights into preparing for technical due diligence as both a buyer and a seller.

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Is a target’s AI/ML real? VentureBeat article by Crosslake helps investors understand what to look for to assess the legitimacy of the tech.

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