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Life on the bleeding edge: is it worth the risk for investors? Bleeding-edge technology describes tech that is so new and untested that companies don’t fully understand its impact. It’s not wrong to want to take advantage of new technology, but if you don’t understand the pros and cons of using it, then you may […]

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We’ve spent a lot of time over the years working with companies to select new technology and we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Whether we come in at the beginning, the middle or after a company attempts to go live on a new solution, we’ve seen many mistakes that could have been […]

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Despite what the average consumer perceives by using apps such as Facebook, Uber and Airbnb, the majority of today’s consumer and business applications do not use bleeding-edge technology. Unfortunately, the use of older technology and development practices can lead to significant challenges for companies, often leading to the need for a complete software rewrite. But […]

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Principles of successful development projects Leveraging a trusted development partner can help you expedite your product roadmap and adoption of new technologies, however, these projects take thoughtful planning and structure to execute successfully. This software development outsourcing checklist outlines many of the key practices that are critical to success and are built on the following […]

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The continuous evolution of technology has made it challenging for newer applications to function correctly on legacy platforms, particularly when it comes to data and analytics. And you hear it every day — data is the driving force of today’s economy. But the data economy cannot be sustained if the information that it depends on […]

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