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Author: Mike Jenkins

November 11, 2020

Unlock the power of rapid cloud migration with AppStream

In one of my recent articles, I described the six Rs of cloud migration.┬áMost of these frameworks require time-consuming redesign and development …

Mike Jenkins
September 2, 2020

Migrating legacy applications to the public cloud

Our recent article, Cloud migration: The advantages of the public cloud, described the concepts and advantages of public cloud migration.┬áThis post goes …

Mike Jenkins
July 28, 2020

6 successful cloud migration strategies

A cloud migration strategy provides the framework to help your organization move data and applications from on-premises architecture to the cloud. Learn more about …

Mike Jenkins
July 22, 2020

Cloud migration: Cloud concepts

Before implementing or adopting cloud technology, it is important to understand the cloud and what options you have when thinking about your …

Mike Jenkins
July 7, 2020

Cloud migration: The benefits of the public cloud

Efficiency. Agility. Productivity. Businesses everywhere are trying to do more with fewer resources in less time. In the age of everyday disruption …

Mike Jenkins