Mike Jenkins

07th Jul 2020

Cloud migration: The advantages of the public cloud

Efficiency. Agility. Productivity. Businesses everywhere are trying to do more with fewer resources in less time. In the age of everyday disruption and continuous innovation, the public cloud allows business owners to focus on what is most important — their core business. While few can deny how prevalent the public cloud is becoming on the … Continued

22nd Jul 2020

Cloud migration: Cloud concepts

Before implementing or adopting cloud technology, it is important to understand the cloud and what options you have when thinking about your deployment. Let’s start with the basics: What is cloud computing? Cloud computing delivers on-demand computing services — from applications to storage and processing power — managed virtually on a pay-as-you-go model. Companies can … Continued

28th Jul 2020

6 successful cloud migration strategies

A cloud migration strategy provides the framework to help your organization move data and applications from on-premises architecture to the cloud. Learn more about the advantages of migrating here. Not all workloads are created equal. There are several migration strategies to help transition your legacy application, known as the six Rs. The “best” option is based on each … Continued

02nd Sep 2020

Migrating legacy applications to the public cloud

Our recent blog, Cloud migration: The advantages of the public cloud, described the concepts and advantages of public cloud migration. This blog goes into further depth and discusses the functionality of an existing application that captures, tracks and reports issues as the basis for migrating the application into the public cloud. The blog wraps up by migrating … Continued

11th Nov 2020

Unlock the power of rapid cloud migration with AppStream

In one of my recent blogs, I described the six Rs of cloud migration. Most of these frameworks require time-consuming redesign and development to make applications more cloud-friendly. This blog highlights an interim step that can be used to move your legacy Windows desktop application to a scalable, high-availability, reasonably priced cloud deployment model where users can … Continued