Adam Barr

13th Dec 2018

The Problem with Software: Why Smart Engineers Write Bad Code

Crosslake Principal Software Engineer, Adam Barr, recently published a book on software engineering. The book covers the last 50 years of software engineering, beginning with the 1968 NATO Conference in Germany where the term first came into general use. It covers the gradual drifting apart of academic computer science and professional software development, as well … Continued

12th Jan 2019

Press Release: New book warns of no "silver bullet" to correct bad software

 Seattle, WA – January 9, 2019 Why is software so prone to bugs and vulnerable to viruses? Why are software products so often delayed, or even canceled? Is software development really that hard, or are software developers just not that good at it? In his latest book Published by MIT Press, The Problem with Software: … Continued