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Natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Covid-19 have underscored the need for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. According to U.S. government agencies, up to 40% of businesses fail to reopen following a disaster. Before we delve into the components of business continuity planning (BCP), let’s clear up the confusion about the difference between BCP […]

It’s been a few months since the COVID-19 virus has changed the way we live and work. While we seem to be over the peak and things are beginning to re-open slowly but surely, there is no certainty regarding a second wave. We also don’t know what the “new normal” may look like both in […]

It is important that security program objectives and controls are supported by the company’s leadership, business units, peer groups, partners and personnel from the top down. Business processes exist to drive revenue-generating activities. Applications are used to reduce the level of effort and mistakes associated with repeatable tasks, and these applications and supporting infrastructure must […]

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