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For most mid-market businesses, a “bring your own device” (BYOD) approach is the default mobile strategy – with cost as the primary driver. But without an effective mobile device management (MDM) strategy, sacrifices in productivity and security may offset the cost savings. Even among businesses scoring highest overall in our security assessments, less than two […]

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Over the last decade, engineering teams have overwhelmingly favored microservices over monolithic architecture, based on the benefits of continuous delivery, scalability and improved resiliency for cloud-delivered products and services. Earlier this year, however, Amazon made headlines for returning to a monolithic architecture for video monitoring. This raised the question: would 2023 mark the Return of […]

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As legislation around cybersecurity tightens, the total cost of a ransomware attack may now include fines and penalties on top of other recovery costs. Waiting to take action until after a breach occurs is too big of a risk. Yet even as cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks, businesses can take practical steps […]

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With the global cost of cybercrime estimated at $8.4 trillion in 2022, governments feel rising pressure to take action with cybersecurity regulations designed to protect consumers. But for businesses affected by cybercrime, these new regulations may add insult to injury. Businesses targeted by cybercriminals already face disruption to their normal operations. It takes time and […]

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News of the FDIC’s backstop plan to cover depositors at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank provided a measure of relief for banking clients following bank runs late last week and the closure of both financial institutions. While the full impact of these events remains to be seen, we know that tumultuous times call […]

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