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Crosslake CEO Barr Blanton shares insights into preparing for technical due diligence as both a buyer and a seller.

Is a target’s AI/ML real? VentureBeat article by Crosslake helps investors understand what to look for to assess the legitimacy of the tech.

As businesses scale, they may carry significant tech debt for extended periods. In some businesses, there’s limited impact, and technical debt remains manageable. But in other businesses, dealing with tech debt interferes with innovation, negatively affects the customer experience and slows growth. What accounts for the difference is how close the business is to the […]

Donell Peters, Crosslake lead practitioner, recently spoke on Toni Collis’ Leading Women in Tech podcast on the role that Agile methods can play in improving a team’s performance. In this discussion, she shares the challenges of an Agile rollout and how to overcome them, her experiences as a fractional CTO and how to get started […]

Crosslake lead practitioner Elisabeth Embry recently spoke with 2B Bolder, a site focused on career insights for the next generation of women in tech and business, on what it means to be a woman in technology industry and what it means to be bolder. She discusses what skills young women in tech should develop to […]

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