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Examine how one company set out on their first native cloud endeavor and what they learned with that first experience.

Many companies are looking to platform-as-a-service (PaaS) infrastructure, to enable faster, standardized and more cost-efficient software development across their organization. Yet, some organizations get stalled shortly after implementation. At Crosslake Technologies, we have seen confusion at many companies who have implemented PaaS solutions, struggling with the question of “Now what?”. In this post, we review […]

Agile software development is a proven and effective model for software creation. Millions of software engineers understand and have seen the benefits of developing software in this way.  Agile has advantages of increased collaboration, higher quality and improved morale, to name a few. For less technical people, however, what does this mean to the business […]

Distributed development is very much a reality as companies continue to get acquired and divested, and because costs and skill sets vary around the world, it’s also a necessity. The benefits include access to a larger pool of talent, the ability to increase the diversity of your team, insights into foreign markets and the potential […]

The elephant in the room for many technology companies is their legacy software. Revenues are reasonable, but there is lots of potential for growth. The problem is that the elephant prevents further growth at an accelerated pace. Replacing a legacy product or service is no easy task. To replace or not to replace is often […]

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