Preparing for technical due diligence

On a recent podcast, Crosslake CEO Barr Blanton shared insights into preparing for technical due diligence as both a buyer and a seller. Referencing Crosslake’s experience on more than 3,500 private equity transactions, Barr explains the process of tech due diligence and its importance to investors. Throughout this discussion, he shares:

  • The investor’s perspective of balancing risk and value with compliance requirements
  • Insights on navigating the dynamics between buyers and sellers
  • An explanation of the complementary roles between technical diligence and other diligence workstreams
  • Crosslake’s approach for tailoring tech diligence to each unique buyer and investment strategy
  • Recommendations for target companies preparing for technical due diligence


About the podcast: Hosted by Mike Baliman, the London Fintech Podcast is a popular 30-minute weekly show that launched in 2014. It features interviews with key players in finance technology and is the longest running podcast of its kind in Europe, boasting global reach.