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Senior executive leadership is essential to the long-term success of an organization. When an executive transition requires thoughtful, transformative leadership, our interim leaders make all the difference. Each individual on our interim leadership team comes with over 20+ years of industry experience and executive expertise.
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Whether you're facing a recent executive departure or are seeking an experienced leader to help our organization grow, Crosslake is here to help. We provide high- value leadership and management support that allows the organization to take the time necessary to recruit a permanent leader. Our leaders provide a fresh approach to drive value creation initiatives while working to enhance current team effectiveness. Once a permanent replacement has been selected, we help transition the role and ensure they have the tools necessary to succeed.
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    Proven Practices, Considerations and Common Pitfalls of Modernizing Legacy Systems
    Date: 6/18/2018 @ 9am PT
    There really is no 'silver bullet' when it comes to approaching the modernization of legacy Software Architecture. Technology leaders involved in modernizing technologies and applications need first to evaluate legacy systems, looking at both the business and IT drivers behind the modernization goals. Choosing the right approach with the highest effect and value while also considering the cost and risk is paramount.

    In this webinar we will discuss both the demand side of the reasons to modernize, the main business drivers, where new requirements cannot be met or stakeholder concerns or desires addressed sufficiently by the current application/s estate and business value, where the current system lags in terms of data, and the support it offers. We then demonstrate the consideration on the supply and their associated drivers, which will include cost and complexity. Such as the cost of operating and changing the current application may be simply be too high in relation to its value? Is the sheer complexity an issue for users? Risk is also a key consideration and we will examine some of the more compelling reasons for modernizing legacy architectures.
    Interim CIO Leader
    A SaaS company had multiple duplicate data centers which drove up infrastructure costs and operating complexity. Previous efforts to rationalize and consolidate data centers failed due to lack of an experienced IT leader. Crosslake provided an interim leader that drove the rationalization analysis and consolidation of three redundant data centers to one center in six months.
    Executing on a New Product Strategy
    A software services company made the decision to shift its product strategy to target a new market, which required new features and change in design. But after 3 months, the product and development teams could not agree on next steps to implement. Crosslake worked with team leaders to identify and clarify roles and responsibilities to eliminate the roadblocks to decision making. We also facilitated team workshops to align the teams and operationalize the new deliverables and related roles and responsibilities for execution.
    Product Portfolio Management
    An international ERP software conglomerate was being out-innovated by competitors, increasing their loss rate on new sales opportunities. Development resources were organized by product unit and less than 10% of total resources were committed to strategic high impact initiatives. Crosslake helped them reorganize by product line and development discipline which allows greater movement of teams to the highest priorities. Product Portfolio Management was also designed and implemented to identify the highest value development across products and allocate the appropriate development resources to these high impact projects.
    Development Consolidation
    An ERP software vendor had a decentralized development organization with a portion of development reporting to the CTO and regional development centers reporting into country business units. This created significant delays to market and duplicate feature development. Crosslake helped design a new model with all development reporting into the CTO and regional Product Management for country specific requirements. Crosslake also designed a plan to move resources from high cost (low supply) development locations and consolidated development from regional development centers to two centralized development Centers of Excellence.
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