Remote ramp-up — tips & tricks

With the recent unprecedented work environment most of us are in, we’d like to start an open discussion on how to go about your workday safely, efficiently and most important, successfully. Remote work is not the future of work for Crosslake, it’s the present. With close to 130 Crosslake certified practitioners across the globe and over 30% of our client engagements already being done remotely, our virtual expertise firm wants to offer four tips and tricks that we hope will provide value to you and your team(s) on your indefinite remote journey.

1. Consistent virtual communication

Communicate in a regular cadence. If you’re accustomed to being in office, working from home can begin to feel isolating. Schedule group video chats on a regular basis to stay connected. Virtual communication platforms like Zoom or GoToMeeting are easy options.  

2. Quality equipment and presentation

Having the right means and right presentation to communicate is just as important as cadence. Finding quality webcams and headsets — and testing them before use — is critical. It can minimize time lost by distraction and background noise. Dual monitors are a good investment, too. This gives you the ability to have multiple programs / files up concurrently while also having a screen to check email and take notes. In terms of video calls, be mindful of your attire and background. Communication platforms, such as Zoom, enable virtual backgrounds and background blurring. Take advantage of these value-added features.

3. Meeting preparation, duration and follow-up

Sending meeting agendas out before every remote meeting promotes productivity and success. The agenda should outline exactly what the meeting will cover and allow time for all discussion topics and Q&A. To avoid sacrificing company productivity, break down meetings into smaller, more manageable chunks. Time is money. We’ve proven that shorter, 30-minute meetings are most productive. Once a meeting is over, the meeting organizer should send an immediate follow-up email on action items detailing follow-up items and ownership. For those unable to attend, be sure to have the meeting recorded and ready to distribute together with the follow-up email.

4. Brainstorming and collaborating mechanisms

Take advantage of free tools to help your team(s) virtually take notes and brainstorm. Some of our favorite whiteboard apps are AWW, witeboard and Draw.Chat. Need retrospective tools? Try Reetro, FunRetro or Retrium. Additionally, Salesforce is temporarily giving its customers free access to their Quip product with unlimited users and storage to help you work remotely better than ever before! If you’re a current customer, check out this link for additional details.

During a time when preventing the spread of COVID-19 is critical, we hope that you find our suggestions helpful. They’ve been a part of the secret to our success and we want them to be a part of yours, too.

Have any other recommendations that have personally helped you and your company? Share them with us in the comments section. Building a discussion board around this topic when individuals and companies need it most is welcomed.