Technical Due Diligence
At Crosslake, we collaborate closely with your team on your tight timelines to identify technical risks, opportunities for growth, strengths to build upon, potential areas for cost reduction and additional investment.
What We Do
We help increase your confidence that your investment is sound and will achieve the anticipated return as well as how your potential investment stacks up against other relative companies. And we do this with a business focus using language that is easy to understand, even for non-technical people.
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Crosslake's technical due diligence activities include:
  • Identifying legacy and obsolescence issues
  • Software scalability to meet growth objectives
  • Team efficiency and productivity
  • Open source exposure
  • Acquisition integration inefficiencies and opportunities
The strategic and operational challenges faced by software businesses today are intensified by rapid technological advances, sharp competition, and global economics.

Executing on these effectively requires dedicated effort and deep functional and organizational expertise to achieve a rapid return on investment.

We help our clients effectively tackle strategic and operational challenges, whether in architecture, process and tools, or organization.

Below is a partial list of projects we've executed with our clients:
  • Executing on a new Product Strategy
  • Reducing testing costs and duration
  • Root causing schedule slips and improving project predictability
  • Post-acquisition transformation plans to accelerate value creation
  • Freeing up resources for increased innovation and reducing maintenance spend
  • Validation of critical initiatives (architectural, roadmaps, project plans, etc.)
  • Consolidating product development practices to improve efficiency and reduce costs
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