Corsis, our proprietary tech enablement platform, provides an end-to-end, data-driven solution to help the world's leading investors make informed decisions on their acquisitions, mitigate risk and increase asset value.
Get To Know CORSIS™
Viable technology is the backbone that supports any organization. For investors and business leaders alike, CORSIS provides better insight into the technology investments that power growth and organizational value.

Whether you're evaluating a new target company, or considering a technology investment for your business, our expert advisors rely upon the CORSIS platform to provide actionable evaluations of current and potential technology investments. CORSIS is built with a curated library of topic-specific best practices and is backed by progressive data to provide benchmarking and context for our findings.

CORSIS powers the three key areas of Crosslake's tech advisory services:

1) Technical Diligence - Helping our clients assess potential acquisitions to identify key risks and opportunities.

2) Value Creation - Supporting enterprise and portfolio companies to increase their value by accelerating technology initiatives through quality implementation support.

3) Exit Preparation - Helping customers maximize their value by measuring and properly positioning their technology and related operations for sale.

Accelerate Growth with CORSIS
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