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Make technology make a difference

Crosslake is a solutions-driven global advisory firm serving private equity investors and their portfolio companies, with a focus on technology due diligence, digital transformation strategy and technology value optimization. With a broad range of industry, functional and technical expertise, our practitioners provide executive leadership consulting to accelerate technology value creation across the private equity mergers and acquisitions lifecycle. 

Private equity due diligence for tech investments, with objective TechIndicators® to confirm how a target measures up to similarly sized companies in the same industry

Deep dives in security, architecture, engineering organizational alignment and SDLC processes

Interim leadership roles to guide your team: CTOs, CISOs, CIOs, chief engineers and chief architects 

Integration and separation of platforms and products for carve outs and add-ons

Exit prep coaching and sell-side due diligence 

Private equity firms
Value creation engagements

Data-driven confidence to guide your critical technology decisions

Our proprietary platform delivers objective and actionable insights based on more than $30B in private equity transactions. Measurable TechIndicators, based on data from more than 3,500 prior technology M&A transactions, provide the standard that private equity investors and management teams rely upon to deliver strategic value creation initiatives and inform diligence.


Supporting clients across the M&A lifecycle


Market-leading diligence experience for every stage of the process.


Own the technology narrative and bypass hurdles to realize maximum value.


Outcome-focused value creation across the people, process and technology spectrum.


Optimize technology across your portfolio companies using investor-friendly tools.

A man sitting in front of his desktop, having a team video call meeting.


Synchronoss consolidates global development methodologies to launch products faster

With product development teams across ten offices using widely varied approaches and tools for scoping, prioritization, planning and development, it was difficult for Synchronoss to deliver products on time and on budget. Crosslake worked with the team at Synchronoss over a two-year period to completely transform their product development process and organization. rolling out Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) principles and training the Synchronoss team on Agile, Scrum and Kanban best practices. Today, the team at Synchronoss is producing more products than ever, thanks to standardized intake and change management processes, as well as improved planning and resource management.