Top books every CTO should read

A CTO’s job is never finished. In a rapidly evolving industry, it is challenging to stay on top of the latest information. Between leading teams and hitting deadlines, keeping up with the latest technological trends and leadership methodologies is difficult.

While reading blogs and newsletters can help, they provide high-level information without the depth needed to drive innovation. Conferences and networking events are difficult to cram into a busy calendar.

A book, on the other hand, is available on-demand when it fits your schedule — whether during your commute, at the gym or during those precious minutes relaxing before bed. To make the most of your reading time, we’ve curated a list of the best books every CTO should read.

Strategy & vision


Team building



Communication & collaboration

General leadership

Broadening your horizons

The books listed above will help improve your overall performance as a CTO and prepare you to be the best leader for your organization. But don’t stop there — these books include information on workplace psychology and team leadership that not only improves you as a CTO but helps you as a person and colleague.

Do you have additional suggestions that have helped shape your career? Share them with us in the comments sections!