Sell-Side Due Diligence
Firms recognize the importance of incorporating a sell-side due diligence as part of their exit strategy. 91% of investors who say their divestment created value leveraged a formalized exit methology.
What We Do
As the sale horizon approaches, ensure your team maximizes the return on your investment. The most important factor influencing the pre-sale valuation of your organization is conducting sell-side due diligence. A thorough and objective due diligence provides a comprehensive evaluation to identify red-flag issues, paired with a transformation roadmap, to maximize deal value and increase the likelihood of an efficient closing.

We provide a 360-degree assessment of the people, processes, and technology to showcase your investment and ensure it will achieve your goals. As experts in value creation, highlights your core technical strengths and identifies remaining growth opportunities. Our software experts simplify the technical aspects to equip and empower your team towards the right exit strategy.
  • Identifying legacy and obsolescence issues
  • Software scalability to meet growth objectives
  • Team efficiency and productivity
  • Open source exposure
  • Acquisition integration inefficiencies and opportunities

How it Works
We take a deep 360-degree dive into the company, including architecture, software development lifecycle, product/technical roadmap, team strengths, and opportunities to produce and enhance artifacts. The summary is a typical technical diligent summary as how would the company stand today, so management gets a pulse on how things are. After the initial report, the real works starts with the internal findings, recommendations on things to mitigate, messaging to improve the organization from the outside in. Once the team is ready, we produce an external report that highlights the company in the most favorable light that can be shared with future investors.
Crosslake helps clients highlight the core technical strengths of their business and identify remaining growth opportunities.

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