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Today's software development organizations are shifting their focus from later quality control testing to earlier quality assurance during the development cycle and validation of customer experiences from idea to post-deployment. Building quality into the process up-front improves development agility and reduces costs of testing to free up dollars for investment in other opportunities.
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The Crosslake Team collaboratively works with your leadership team to understand the quality challenges and define what quality means in terms of customer problems and adopt modern quality practice to improve team agility and reduce cost of testing.
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Refactoring and Unit Testing to Improve Productivity
A SaaS company identified that their productivity was low and they had trouble getting products and releases to market. After going through an internal process of providing time and permission to clean up the code, no measurable difference was observed. The company brought Crosslake in to assess the situation and we discovered that the code had a great deal of complexity to it. Crosslake worked with the team to improve productivity issues by training internal champions on refactoring and unit testing to improve developer productivity. Core code complexity metrics have been dropping and unit test coverage improving ever since.
Quality Assurance Strategy
This software organization knew it had both quality and productivity issues. Because the company was delivering a new release every month, the quality issues were becoming problematic. In order to enhance the quality and productivity simultaneously, they decided to outsource UI automation to a vendor in India. The first testing activities delivered improvements, and the company was planning to double down on the investment. Crosslake helped the company realize that future ROI would not be helped by with more UI automation. We recommended they improve quality by moving to API automation with a team they were building in-house for continued quality gains with an overall cost improvement.
On-Premise to Cloud Transformation
With companies that are transforming from on-premise to cloud-based architectures, teams have to change the way they think about quality and the way it is measured. In this case, Crosslake measured baseline quality in the organization and then built out dashboards to help the organization understand the level of quality in the build and overall technical debt. The dashboard was designed to provide better visibility to the development process related to bugs, tests and reported results.
Design for Quality – Updating Architecture
An e-commerce company was designing a new system. Crosslake proposed testability changes that would allow new and changed components to be vetted in production without affecting the customer. We used these techniques to achieve zero-bug releases.
Optimized QA Practices Lead to Productivity and Quality Improvements Case Study
Crosslake helped an enterprise company reduce their level of defects by analyzing their QA practices, identifying improvement opportunities, and leading the team through adoption of those improvements.
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