Customer requirements, sharp competition and rapid technical advances are pushing companies to provide their products and services in the cloud. Migration of on-premise applications to the cloud also provides tremendous opportunities to software organizations to accelerate innovation, take advantage of lower cost infrastructures, and reduce maintenance and operational costs.
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While the demand and opportunities are tremendous, so are the pitfalls and challenges to address. This is where we come in helping you tackle these challenges and accelerate getting you to the cloud and achieving your business goals, while minimizing the business risk.
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  • Cloud Cost Modeling and Optimization

  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Plan

  • Deployment Architectures

  • Scale and Performance Management

  • Service Health and Monitoring Criteria

  • Deployment Readiness Assessments
Key considerations to address:

  • How do we protect and maintain our existing business while moving to the cloud?

  • What is the right software architecture and timeline for moving to the cloud?

  • Do we have the right organization and people to implement the change?

  • How and when will we realize the cost savings from a cloud migration?

  • What changes do we need to make in our organization to effectively support cloud products?

  • Is there any compliance and security to worry about, and how best to meet them?
Project Timeline
A travel services company was developing a cloud-based version of its technology to replace multiple on-premise platforms. After 6 months the project was behind schedule and over budget. The company business units were losing confidence in the overall project, including overall architecture, updated timelines and fit-for-purpose. Crosslake discovered that the architecture was solid; however, the overall scope and requirements were not well defined, and the project not appropriately staffed to meet the schedule. Crosslake worked with the team to break the scope and requirements down into actionable and realistic deliverables. Crosslake also identified the right reports and KPIs to get the project back on track with the ability to measure progress and take timely corrective action.
Deployment Readiness
A healthcare technology-enabled service provider was planning to market its technology platform as a product. The company was in process of finalizing go-to-market plans but had concerns about the ability of the technology to scale and the ability to effectively support the technology as a product. Crosslake determined the architecture was scalable; however, the operational capability to support the launch was insufficient. Crosslake worked with the company to build up the support capabilities and operational backlog of items necessary to effectively support new customers.
Cloud Transformation Requires Organizational Changes
A payroll service provider had modernized their platforms and adopted Agile development allowing for quicker development and delivery. IT Operations, however, had not yet transformed to effectively support faster development or take advantage of cloud technologies and had become a bottleneck. Crosslake worked with the development and IT leaders to re-invent the IT Operations group, defining a strategy, and implemented self-service environments and tools to reduce deployment times and bottlenecks in delivery.
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Perhaps the most common question we get at Crosslake when performing technical due diligence on a company is, "Will this thing scale?" After all, investors want to see a return on their investment into a company, and a common way to achieve that is to grow the number of users on an application or platform. How do they ensure that the technology can support that growth? By evaluating scalability.
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