DevOps (CI/CD)
Sharp competition, rapid technical advances and global economic are pushing software development to deploy value faster while reducing cost of development. This is where DevOps comes in to facilitate faster time from idea to deployment.
What We Do
The Crosslake Team collaboratively works with your management team to identify and implement the opportunities that are best suited for DevOps practices, resulting in;

  • Move to the cloud coupled with continuous and automated deployment
  • Reduced testing costs and duration and increase quality
  • Improved quality and shortened feedback cycles with smaller batches of work
  • Consolidate product development practices to improve efficiency and reduce costs
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Continuous Integration and Deployment Architecture and Implementation
Helping define an effective strategy, execution plan and partnering to accelerate development

IT Ops and Development Alignment Strategies
Workshops to facilitate leadership alignment to business objectives using Lean and Agile principles and methodologies

Improving Development Team Release Throughput
Finding and addressing gaps and bottlenecks in building and using QA, Staging and Production environments

Best Practices in CI/CD Pipeline Development and Execution

Helping identify and implement the appropriate pipeline strategy, tools, metrics and execution model focused on achieving business objectives
Research from Forrester has found that development teams that consistently deliver at the fastest cycle times enjoy the highest business and customer satisfaction. Not only were those teams able to deliver new applications the fastest, they were also creating the highest-quality software.

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Improved update efficiency
An oil and gas company had a multi-day, error prone, manual process for creating updates for their customers. Crosslake worked with the technology teams to implement an automated build-deploy-test process to dramatically increase the quality of updates with minutes of elapsed time instead of days.

Automated test environment management
An insurance technology company's IT team was spending hours per week bringing up and tearing down test environments at the request of the development team whenever changes needed to be tested. Crosslake helped recommend solutions and put the plan together to leverage a cloud-based infrastructure provider to automate the process and allow fast testing of changes using true continuous integration. Additionally, we trained and coached the team on best practices in refactoring and unit testing to support the DevOps initiative.
Reduced test costs and duration
A Fintech software services company had a multi-week regression test duration that resulted in delays to deployment and revenue for new features. Crosslake worked with the team to streamline code commits, implement agile test practices and rethink its test and deployment automation strategy, including folding the DevOps role directly into the Agile teams. This resulted in a 50% reduction in the test duration and $2 million reduction in test automation costs.
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