Architectural Modernization
Market pressures are pushing companies to innovate and release both faster and more safely to stay ahead of the competition whilst reducing both capital and operating costs. While companies are faced with these market challenges and opportunities, they are frequently constrained by legacy technologies that are difficult to enhance and maintain. Companies need to be able to take advantage of these new technologies that reduce time to market and development costs.
What We Do
We help our clients identify and implement architectural improvements and considerations around new technologies and methods, such as DevOps, Cloud, Microservices (Including, Docker, Pivotal, and Cloud) aligned to business and customer outcomes, helping to modernize their technical platforms. The Crosslake Team collaboratively works with your thought leaders to identify and execute on architectural opportunities. Progress is expedited using a proven and repeatable analysis and leveraging high ROI modernization techniques.
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Architecture Strategy and Execution
Helping clients prioritize customer journey technical backlog items and deployment strategy

Architectural Assessment and Modernization Roadmap Planning
Assessment for modernizing architecture landscape

Architectural Library & Documentation
Library asset creation for both current state and target state architectures

Interim Technical Leadership
Partnering to provide interim technical leadership, in the form of senior technical leadership roles

Architecture Value Planning
Cost optimization models that drive better return on investment on technology adoption decisions
Modernize a Legacy Code Base
A technology-enabled service company had a dated and monolithic code base that impacted the ability to add new capabilities and developers. Crosslake worked with the team to develop an incremental modernization strategy with a combination of wrapping existing code into services and replacing custom code with off-the-shelf components. This enabled a high ROI and minimized code churn. Development is currently in progress.
To Refactor or Rewrite
A company building an education management application wasn't sure on the direction to pursue with their future development. The two options on the table were to attempt to componentize the application and replace parts over time or undertake a greenfield development effort to rewrite in parallel to supporting the application. Crosslake evaluated the architecture and organization and advised on a plan to create independently testable and deployable microservices while still maintaining the existing application for cash flow purposes.
Architectural roadmap for product and platform integration
A SaaS company developing software for foodservices had multiple technical assets with a lack of clarity on whether and how they should integrate them. Crosslake derived a go-forward effort and cost estimate, in partnership with the team with rationale for the approach and presented to the Board of Directors for an investment decision. Additionally, a set of recommendations around specific technology areas, process, tools, and organization were provided. Implementation of the technical roadmap and recommendations is underway.
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Will This Scale? Pt. 1: Evaluating Software Architecture for Scalability
Perhaps the most common question we get at Crosslake when performing technical due diligence on a company is, "Will this thing scale?" After all, investors want to see a return on their investment into a company, and a common way to achieve that is to grow the number of users on an application or platform. How do they ensure that the technology can support that growth? By evaluating scalability.
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