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What We Do
Individualized Technical Leadership Coaching

Overcome roadblocks and truly achieve your potential as a leader with one-on-one
coaching and mentorship. We partner our clients with experienced leaders that help you realize your vision and meet your goals to set you up for continued success. Each partnership is individualized and focused on your goals - build skills around leadership, strategy, process, planning and more!

    How We Do It
    Our goal is to deliver value to our clients through individualized leadership coaching and hands on engagement.
    Road to Success
    We partner with clients to create an individualized leadership road map; setting goals, improving confidence, and identifying obstacles for continuous improvement.

    Our practitioners have deep functional and technical experience averaging over 20+ years, across a variety of industries. Our practitioners are tried and true leaders.
    Tapping into the collective intelligence of industry leaders boosts productivity and increases team engagement. This not only benefits leaders and their teams, it also benefits the organization as a whole.
    Best in Class Practices
    We incorporate the latest models and tools to open new streams of opportunity and growth. With a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, your organization can thrive with new insights and inspiration.
    Team Leadership
    We reinforce understanding and clear communication. Our leaders foster fundamental relationship building to increase their team's loyalty and productivity.
    Bullet proof your product, operations, processes, and platforms with a 360 degree overview designed for your team.
    What Clients Say
    AlphaGen, CTO
    Crosslake helped me to unlocked my untapped leadership potential and help me reach the next level, to the benefit of my team and my company.
    Market Aim, CTO
    You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. During my experience with Crosslake, I've grown in areas that I previously considered my strengths and emerged as an all around better leader.
    Larkins, CTO
    Leadership is an iterative process, not an end game. I've been able to grow my skills with an industry leader to help guide me along the way. The experience has been invaluable.
    What We Can Do For You
    What makes Crosslake different? Russ Albright, Founder and CEO
    Get in touch with us about to learn more specifically how we can support your business and customers. We're available by phone at 425-409-9412 if you prefer!