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Our team of experts brings proven deal fluency and data-backed insights to provide private equity and venture capital teams with the tools to identify growth opportunities, reduce costs and minimize risk. Through value creation and exit preparation programs, organizations can realize investment objectives and achieve the best possible return.

Management teams

We empower management teams across public, private and private equity-backed companies with the people, processes and tools needed to drive value across the investment journey. Our certified practitioners bring depth of expertise across a range of industries, including enterprise technology, healthcare, financial services and FinTech, education technology, and media and telecommunications.

This is what we do


Technical due diligence

Identify investments that power growth and organizational value. Our practitioners empower organizations to make the right investment decisions by providing a 360-degree assessment of the people, processes and technology that impact the business. We equip teams with the strategic and operational improvements necessary to protect investments and create value. Capabilities include:

  • Identification of legacy and obsolescence issues that require attention
  • Software scalability to meet growth objectives
  • Team efficiency and productivity to improve workflow
  • Open source exposure to reduce deployment costs
  • Acquisition integration plan to unify teams and processes

IT due diligence

Analyze enterprise systems for risk and compliance at deal-speed. Armed with the TechIndicators® platform, our practitioners use objective technology benchmarking to evaluate enterprise software and IT functionality.  Capabilities include:

  • Self-guided or guided assessments for productive evaluation
  • Objective benchmarking to assess and minimize risk
  • Real-time insights regarding technology risk and compliance
  • Software scalability to meet growth objectives
  • Acquisition integration plan to unify teams and processes

Agility at scale

Maintain quality as you scale. Crosslake works with businesses to identify and implement sustainable Agile practices for high-impact growth. Capabilities include:

  • Portfolio management for strategic growth
  • Product strategy and roadmaps to maximize value
  • Agile customer requirements to ensure functionality
  • End-to-end customer connection for support across the journey
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) implementations to execute strategy
  • Key performance indicators to measure success
  • Process and tools standardization to implement best practices
  • Scrum and Kanban workshops and coaching that guide implementation
  • Operational assessments that reveal necessary optimizations

Architectural modernization

Reduce time-to-market and development costs, without sacrificing delivery. Crosslake Practitioners collaborate with teams to efficiently implement architectural changes through high-ROI modernization techniques in less time. Capabilities include:

  • Architecture strategy and execution for efficient modernization
  • Architectural assessment and modernization roadmap planning to guide evolution
  • Architectural library & documentation to leverage historical knowledge
  • Interim technical leadership with experience guiding the process
  • Architecture value planning for maximum output

Cloud migration

Accelerate innovation, intelligently. Crosslake facilitates an easy transition to the cloud, enabling clients to mitigate risk and reduce maintenance and operational costs to achieve sustainable growth. Capabilities include:

  • Cloud cost modeling and optimization for cost-effective implementation
  • Cloud migration strategy and planning to streamline the transition
  • Deployment architectures to guide the process
  • Scale and performance management that ensure quality
  • Service health and monitoring criteria track progress
  • Deployment readiness assessments to identify and overcome risk

DevOps (CI/CD)

Drive meaningful growth by implementing the tools and practices best suited for your business. Crosslake Practitioners collaborate with client management teams to identify efficiencies and plan an effective DevOps roadmap. Capabilities include:

  • Continuous integration, deployment architecture and implementation
  • IT Ops and development alignment strategies for effective integration
  • Improving development team release throughput to scale effectively
  • Best practices in CI/CD pipeline development and execution for optimal performance

Interim leadership

Bolster your competitive edge with the right leadership during times of transition. Each individual on Crosslake’s interim leadership team has 20+ years of executive experience and industry expertise. We drive value initiatives while working to enhance efficiency, and once a permanent replacement has been selected, we help transition the role to ensure they have the tools to succeed.

  • Leadership coaching and mentoring to support team development
  • Product management maintains output throughout transition
  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO) oversees technology practices
  • Chief Architect guides effective product development
  • Quality Leader upholds and improves product standards

Operational excellence

Identify the most valuable opportunities within your organization. Crosslake Practitioners work directly with leadership teams to build an organizational structure designed to achieve the most pressing business goals. Capabilities include:

  • Technical leadership coaching and mentoring, individualized to help teams succeed
  • Development center rationalization and consolidation for training
  • Onshore and offshore development models for global presence
  • Outsourcing development models and practices for execution
  • Development center site selection and setup to get started faster
  • Interim leadership and executive coaching for professional development
  • Organizational models and streamlining to maximize value
  • Establishing Agile development teams for sustained value

Quality assessment

Protect your investment by assessing quality assurance earlier. Our Practitioners define what quality means for your business to help clients adopt practices that improve team agility and reduce the cost of testing. Capabilities include:

  • Scenario-focused engineering that delivers tailored solutions
  • Quality assessment and scorecard to identify opportunities and risks
  • Agile quality strategy and practices for successful implementation
  • Resilience modeling and mitigation to protect the investment
  • Architectural testability to sustain quality while creating value 
  • Refactoring and unit testing to identify risk factors
  • Test automation development to evaluate strengths and weaknesses
  • Scale and performance testing for maximum value
  • Interim quality leaders to ensure seamless transition 


Detect and mitigate threats before they happen. From uncovering cyber threats to strategizing response and recovery, our depth of cybersecurity support allows your team to focus on what’s important. Capabilities include:

  • Security program assessment to analyze risk and opportunity
  • Security strategy development to recognize and prevent threats
  • Security SDLC assessment to standardize best practices
  • Security penetration testing to validate protection
  • Threat modelling that predicts and mitigates risk

Portfolio management

Make informed investment decisions through centralized software. Through our unique TechIndicators® dashboard, investors can gather instant insights and track performance against industry benchmarks to mitigate risk and strengthen security across their portfolio. Capabilities include:

  • Self-guided or guided assessments to assess portfolio health
  • Centralized dashboard to track performance metrics in one location
  • Industry-driven objective benchmarking to sharpen technology decisions
  • Implementation of security programs and technical leaders to protect investments

Sell-side due diligence

Maximize the value of the deal. Crosslake helps clients highlight the core technical strengths of their business and identify remaining growth opportunities. We deliver thorough and objective sell-side due diligence plus a transformation roadmap to facilitate an efficient closing. Capabilities include:

  • Produce and enhance assets that create value
  • Technical diligence to assess risk and protect the investment
  • Internal review for findings with recommendations to guide implementation
  • Produce an external report for future investors to share insights


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