Private Equity
Competition for software-based investments is intense. To successfully win the deal and achieve return on investment, firms must be able to quickly identify risk and opportunities at purchase as well consistently drive value creation through exit to achieve the required return on investment.
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We collaborate closely with your team on your tight timelines to identify technical risks and required additional investment as well as, opportunities for growth, cost reductions and strengths to build upon for future value creation. We help increase your confidence that your investment is sound and will achieve the anticipated return, using business language that is easy to understand, even for non-technical people. Our value creation and exit preparation programs further assist you in realizing your investment objectives and expected return on investment.
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Crosslake does over 150 Technical Due Diligence exercises per year!
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Legacy Technology
In a recent technical due diligence, Crosslake determined that the company to be acquired was using legacy technology that would prove challenging long-term. Recruiting experienced resources would be difficult and the support horizon would be limited. Because the technology was dated, it also lacked some modern efficiencies and analysis tools that are considered best practice by today's software development standards. To assess the true risk, Crosslake was then asked to provide an analysis of what it would take to convert to current technology.
Improving Efficiency and Productivity
A firm researching a potential investment was concerned about the acquisition's ability to meet its development deadlines. During the technical due diligence, Crosslake determined that the company to be acquired was on track, but it was using traditional heavy development processes. Crosslake's recommendation was to update those processes to current best practices to improve efficiency to deliver the current projects 6 to 9 months faster to provide significant cost savings.
Architecture Scalability
After analyzing a healthcare platform, Crosslake determined that the software lacked a true development architecture. The product had essentially been cobbled together over the years and architectural change was necessary to continue to maintain, scale, and evolve the product. With that information, Crosslake's client decided to acquire a competitor and build upon its platform.
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