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Today's classrooms have moved beyond clunky desktop computers and are now tech-infused with tablets, interactive online classes, and even robots that can take notes and record lectures.

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Education Technology is changing faster than ever before and companies must adapt. All executives worry about keeping up with the changes, however Education Technology companies must be especially aware of the forces driving change in order to help students stay engaged.

The potential for scaleable individualized learning is central to the rapid sector growth. 92% of Teachers believe that Education Technology will have a major impact on the way they educate their students. Education Technology tools make it easier for teachers to create individualized lesson plans and learning experiences that foster a sense of inclusivity and boost the learning capabilities of all students, no matter their age or learning abilities.

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Customer Success Stories
To Refactor or Rewrite?
A company building an education management application wasn't sure on the direction to pursue with their future development. The two options on the table were to attempt to componentize the application and replace parts over time or undertake a greenfield development effort to rewrite in parallel to supporting the application. Crosslake evaluated the architecture and organization and advised on a plan to create independently testable and deployable microservices while still maintaining the existing application for cash flow purposes.
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