Synchronoss Moves to the Fast Lane with SAFe
IT organizations are increasingly turning to SAFe to reduce application costs and delivery times. In this engagement, Crosslake worked with Synchronoss, a global leader in mobile innovation, to transform their organization from a service centric vision to product based. By implementing SAFe principles across the organization, Synchronoss was able to reduce costs and shorten time to service, reemerging as new and improved.

Innovation Brings Challenges
In order to adapt to their growth and continued success, Synchronoss needed to implement fundamental changes.

• Consolidation of Satellite Offices, Close Role Gaps, and Streamline
Job Responsibilities

• Shift to Agile Teams vs Role Based Teams

• Develop a consistent Product Management Life Cycle

• Establish Product Management Best Practices

• Define a Consistent Work Intake and Change Management Approach

• Align Customer Expectations Based on Product's Multi Customer Roadmap vs. Deal Based, Short Term Delivery

• Implement a Metrics Driven Approach to Product Delivery
• Organizational Assessment
• Enterprise wide SAFe Transformation
• Customized Leadership and Team Level Workshops for Product and Development
• Ensued Adaption through Expert Coaching
• Supported 7 Locations over 6 Time Zones
• Establish Standard Job Descriptions to Streamline Hiring
Beyond SAFe
In addition to the SAFe roll out, Crosslake, in partnership with Synchronoss, built a holistic solution with additional collateral and training to include:

• Agile Inceptions
• Tiered Solution Delivery Models
• Portfolio Management
• Product Personas

To ensure adoption within the company, Crosslake created a Trainer Enablement Program to equip employees with the tools, collateral, and frameworks needed to train, coach and increase adoption across the enterprise. This program included facilitation training, coaching standards, implementation of a 'Observe, Co Lead, Coach' model, and a two tier Community of Practice definition & roll out.

The Key to Success
Strong executive support was critical in the program's success. The metrics based proof of the pilot program's success established further credibility and removed resistance from teams and skeptical stakeholders.