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October 18, 2019

Collaborating to deliver open-source software for digital payment systems to benefit the poor

Those of us in developed countries have difficulty imagining what it would be like not to have access to a bank account — or any of the other benefits and security provided by basic financial products and services. For those in developing nations, it means they’re not able to save money or build credit. A …

OpTeam Crosslake

October 12, 2017

How to structure an Agile software development contract

How do you structure a contract for the development of software in a world that has learned valuable lessons from Waterfall? It’s a challenge. From the perspective of a customer, the following guarantees are desired: A fixed set of functionality A fixed cost A fixed date A fixed (high) quality bar Unfortunately, fixing all of …

OpTeam Crosslake

August 16, 2017

Software development outsourcing checklist — how to ensure success

Principles of successful development projects Leveraging a trusted development partner can help you expedite your product roadmap and adoption of new technologies, however, these projects take thoughtful planning and structure to execute successfully. This software development outsourcing checklist outlines many of the key practices that are critical to success and are built on the following …

Russ Albright

June 20, 2017

A process for successful execution: How to work with a development partner

Market pressures are pushing companies to innovate and release faster and more frequently to stay ahead of the competition and digitize internal operations to reduce operating costs. New technologies continue to emerge that enable reductions in time to market and development costs. However, these technologies take time to effectively learn and adapt. While companies are …

Russ Albright

February 24, 2017

Seven ways Agile leads to cost savings

Agile and Lean software development is a proven and effective model for software creation. Millions of software engineers understand and have seen the benefits of developing software in this way. Agile has advantages of increased collaboration, higher quality and improved morale, to name a few. For less technical people, however, what does this mean to …

OpTeam Crosslake

January 24, 2017

Successful distributed development — what you need to know

Distributed development is very much a reality as companies continue to get acquired and divested, and because costs and skill sets vary around the world, it’s also a necessity. The benefits include access to a larger pool of talent, the ability to increase the diversity of your team, insights into foreign markets and the potential …

OpTeam Crosslake

September 15, 2016

SAFe RACI matrix

The Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe, is a complex beast with many roles and activities strewn throughout the model. Our clients have told us that it is difficult to keep everything straight and that the learning curve for what happens when is steep. In fact, some have asked us for a roles and responsibilities matrix …

OpTeam Crosslake

February 15, 2016

Common Agile snafus

Things not going quite right with your Agile implementation? Want to learn about some common Agile problems before you get started? Crosslake has collected years of experience on Agile anti-patterns and collected them in a short eBook entitled “Agile Snafus”. Learn how to resolve common issues such as lack of management commitment, the supporting quality …

OpTeam Crosslake