Russ Albright

20th Jun 2017

A process for successful execution: How to work with a development partner

Market pressures are pushing companies to innovate and release faster and more frequently to stay ahead of the competition and digitize internal operations to reduce operating costs. New technologies continue to emerge that enable reductions in time to market and development costs. However, these technologies take time to effectively learn and adapt. While companies are … Continued

30th Jun 2017

How to build a business case for legacy system modernization

The continuous evolution of technology has made it challenging for newer applications to function correctly on legacy platforms, particularly when it comes to data and analytics. And you hear it every day — data is the driving force of today’s economy. But the data economy cannot be sustained if the information that it depends on … Continued

16th Aug 2017

Software development outsourcing checklist — how to ensure success

Principles of successful development projects Leveraging a trusted development partner can help you expedite your product roadmap and adoption of new technologies, however, these projects take thoughtful planning and structure to execute successfully. This software development outsourcing checklist outlines many of the key practices that are critical to success and are built on the following … Continued

17th Mar 2020

A message from Crosslake CEO Russ Albright

To our valued clients, At Crosslake, we have a deep and abiding belief in doing what is right for our clients and our people. By staying true to our values, we are focused on what matters most — servicing our clients and helping them meet their business and safety goals through high-quality technical due diligence, value creation and sell-side … Continued

22nd Apr 2020

The catalyst for transformation

Overnight, COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way we work. During this unique time, many organizations have had to adapt to distributed work environments quickly. While trends have long indicated the future of work would be remote, leveraging the cloud and the shelter-in-place orders around the world forced firms to adapt overnight. The change that was anticipated … Continued

22nd Sep 2020

Successful adoption and change management

As organizations pivot to new realities — refining business models, adopting new technologies and adjusting to changing competitive landscapes — software teams are tasked with taking on a new vision and transforming the way they do business. “The best plans of mice and men often go awry.” Ensuring business continuity while in crisis management mode … Continued